Athina Vgagke

Operations Manager

Athina Vgagke was born in 1995 in Athens, Greece.

Athina studied Economic & Regional Development and holds a MSc in Marketing Management from Derby University, Derby, England. For over a decade, she has a strong passion for cinema and has evolved it in a full-time activity.

She has a 4-year experience in operational and administrative roles, as well as a 2-year corporate and freelance experience in the field of marketing, digital marketing, social media content creation, account management and copywriting. She constantly educates herself regarding various aspects of the digital world, while seeking creativity in everything that meets the eye within the entertainment industry.

Athina has participated in various seminars, regarding Photography – technique and aesthetics – (Thodoris Markou), History of European Cinema (Mikro Polytexneio), Theory of cinema and directing practice (Cinemarian). She is, also, a film & culture editor at TFC Magazine, a digital lifestyle publication, since 2021.