Piece of Cake Audiovisual Enterprises  (previously known as ATTIKA S.A. ) operating since 1987  has been involved in the development, financing and producing of many successful Greek films that hit the box - office and acquired Industry Recognition. Moving forward, we combine a strong in-house team experienced in creative development, producing and film financing and we have established strategic partnerships with local and International  technical staff, production supervisors, equipment rental companies etc. aiming to offer tailor-made, bespoke production solutions for each project, based on the budget and the individual project specifications.
We now offer bespoke services in film production, International co-productions and servicing of International Productions taking place in Greece, putting strong emphasis in facilitating and supervising the rebate submission process, securing timely and successful completion of the procedure.
Sounds complicated? For us, it’s  a Piece of Cake.


For us Distribution is a Piece of Cake.
After having organically grown as the marketing branch of Prooptiki, the leading film Distributor in Greece and the Balkans for more than 25 years, we have the acquired knowledge to navigate the current distribution trends in order to come up with distribution strategies across all media, combining emerging digital distribution with «all-time classic» screens and T.V. We are distributing national and International feature films and TV series in Greece and abroad.


Greece constitutes one of the most desirable film destinations, since it provides suitable conditions to support even the most demanding production projects. Among lots of things, this country offers stunning and unique locations, ideal Mediterranean climate, qualified, talented and award-winning local crews, safe and shoot-friendly protocols and some of the most alluring film incentives in the planet.
Our multi-year experience enables us to offer high demanding servicing to foreign productions through all of their aspects.


From concept idea to shooting draft, we are nurturing our projects through all development stages, seeking the truth. Our in-house Creative Producers work closely with the creative teams to provide guidance and assistance throughout all stages of development process until Production.
We are interested in bold stories that dare to challenge the status quo by exploring different aspects of humanity.
Please, send your original idea or script for a detailed review (in English or Greek) to: (Ref: Development Department)


In 2019, Piece of Cake acquired the award-winning production company Kidarte ( expanding its Production Services in Public Entertainment and Audience Engagement through Immersive and Experiential events for major entertainment brands such as DISNEY, FROZEN, CARS, PEPPA PIG, SMURFS, ASTERIX, ANGRY BIRDS, GRINCH, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, GOLDEN HALL, THE MALL ATHENS, Mc ARTHUR GLEN and many malls in Bulgaria and Albania.