A Bee in August

Feature Film

Film synopsis: Harris, his wife, his mistress and his half German sister arrive with a boat to a distant Aegean island, accessible only by boat. The boat man forgets them and they are stranded there. Harris gets stung by a bee, and he develops an allergy. He gets terribly swollen and his alter ego emerges. Suddenly all secrets, hidden truths and feelings come into the open.

Directed by Thodoris Atheridis

Writing Credits | Thodoris Atheridis

Cast (in credits order)| Thodoris Atheridis  (as Harris),  Smaragda Karydi (Maria Giannakoudaki),  Vicky Volioti  (as Hildegard),  Antonis Loudaros (as Harris #2),  Giorgos Kormanos,  Alina Kotsovoulou (as Vasoula), Giorgos Kimoulis (as Harris’ Father)

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