Goat Mountain

Feature Film, Production Service

Film synopsis: Andreas flies to Nisyros to take possession of a plot of land inherited from an uncle. It turns out to be a barren field of volcanic gravel with a stone cottage. Andreas, disappointed, immediately puts it up for sale. Unfortunately, he first has to pay off a debt his uncle ran up with Yiannis, a local farmer. Living in a van on the land, he makes friends with the goats grazing there and he falls in love with her. Andreas works off the debt as a farmhand and sells the property. In the meantime, the health of Andreas’s father deteriorates, so he has to fly home. Before leaving, he proposes to Lena. He returns to Nisyros several months later. Following his parents’ death, he sold all his possessions and wants to marry Lena. To his despair, it turns out Lena now has a new boyfriend. Having lost everything that’s dear to him, Andreas wanders over the volcanic slopes. Goat Mountain, to which he’s become so attached, treats him kindly in the film’s final scene. Everything depends on a love that still simmers.

Directed by Andrej Jakimowski

Writing Credits | Andrzej Jakimowski

Cast (in credits order)| Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Iphigenia Tzola, Themis Panou and Efthimis Chalkidis