Under the Stars

Feature Film

Film synopsis: Ten-year-old Lukas’s life is torn apart when his mother is killed during the Turkish invasion in Cyprus. Twenty-six years later he lives a hermit’s life in the divided Nicosia, haunted by memories of the past. Like Lukas, Phoebe is a child of the war, but unlike him she refuses to dwell on painful memories. Instead, she lives for the present, working as a smuggler, trading goods with Greeks and Turks on both sides of the border.

Written and Directed by| Christos Georgiou

Cast| Mirto Alikaki (as Foivi),  Akis Sakellariou (Loukas),  Stella Fyrogeni (as Loukas’ Mother),  Ahilleas Grammatikopoulos (Foivi’s Father),  Marinos Hatzivasileiou,  Antonis Katsaris, Andros Kritikos, Neoklis Neokleous, Stelios Onoufriou, Nefeli Papadaki, Hristina Pavlidou, Sotos Stavrakis.